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MSc Epidemiology Post Graduate

About the master programme

The MSc Epidemiology Postgraduate programme is a 90EC research master with a practical approach of epidemiological research design. This programme is only available for those who already have a MSc degree.

Do you not have a MSc degree yet? Take a look at MSc Epidemiology

Starting from the clinical question instead of a theoretical approach. The aim of this master’s programme is:

  • To provide you with extensive knowledge and practical skills in patient-oriented research design, implementation, quantitative analysis and its application to clinical medicine and public health
  • To form a solid basis for health research and disease control programs, including application in low and lower-middle income countries

The MSc Epidemiology equals the registration demands (according to the current registration criteria of the VvE (Vereniging voor Epidemiologie) and when the MSc Epidemiology is combined with a sufficient background in medical knowledge)  for Epidemiologist A.

1.5 years fulltime programme

3-5 years parttime programme

Future MSc Epidemiology Postgraduate students are expected to hold a degree in one of the following fields:

  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Medicine (MD)
  • Veterinary sciences (DVM)
  • College of Pharmaceutical sciences (PharmD)
  • Other relevant sciences programmes
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