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Study Programme

Core courses

Specialisation courses

Elective component

21 EC

13 EC

12 EC

Research Project

Writing Assignment

Life Science Academy

65 EC

7.5 EC

1.5 EC

Theoretical courses (34 ECTS)

The first six months starts with the core course, consisting of 7 basic epidemiology and statistical courses. During the first months of the MSc Epidemiology, the student chooses his specialisation programme.

 There are six specialisation programmes:


Each specialisation programme consists of 13 ECTS, covering 9 course weeks.

The individual programme depends on the epidemiological specialisation of choice and personal preferences.

Courses are usually taught in the form of interactive lectures combined with computer exercises in smaller work groups. Time is also reserved for e-learning / self study.

Research Project (65 EC)

The research project is conducted within a research theme of one of the participating institutes and supervised by a faculty staff member. Research projects cover a wide variety of topics such as human or veterinary infectious disease, cardiovascular disease, oncology, pharmacology, occupational health risks and many more topics of clinical or public health relevance. Optionally, part of the research project can be conducted at another institute or company outside Utrecht University, always under supervision of a Utrecht University staff member.

Elective Compenent (12 EC)

The elective component is individually chosen and can consist of other relevant courses on MSc- or PhD-level of additional research either locally or abroad. This period can also be used to fill in gaps in your previous theoretical training.

Writing Assignment (7.5 EC)

The writing assignment consists of a clear and thorough overview of recent literature, concluded by an in-depth discussion.

Life Science Academy (1.5 EC)

During the Master’s programme, you must attend the introduction week, at least seven seminars and three workshops 'Navigation Towards Personal Excellence'.

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